Center City Eruv

The Center City Eruv Corporation


Eruv Status:

We Check the Eruv Weekly


The Center City Eruv is checked weekly by volunteers trained by local rabbanim, under the authority of Rav Dov Aaron Brisman, Av Beis Din of Philadelphia.


What is an Eruv?


Eruv, meaning to "mix or join together," joins together private and public properties into a larger single defined physical area. This joining together through an Eruv creates and effects a single community for Shabbos and Holy Days. The Eruv itself is constructed of wires, narrow posts, and the use of existing physical structures with the cooperation and permitting of local government authorities.

Just as it joins physical spaces together into one large single space, the Eruv joins together the Jewish community on Shabbos and Holy Days. The Eruv, in creating a single community in accordance with Jewish law, enables and encourages public accessibility for families of young children and the elderly, and encourages outdoor gatherings and shared meals.

The Center City Eruv is maintained by community volunteers. The Eruv requires regular repairs and maintenance, and occasionally expansion projects as the Jewish community in Center City grows. Please consider donating to the Center City Eruv Corporation (links provided to the right).

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